Friday, March 23, 2012

Kindergarten Musical: How Does Your Garden Grow?

Our Kindergarten Musical: How Does Your Garden Grow?
We have learned five songs, a square dance and sign language for
one of the songs.
We started practicing our lines and dances on the stage this week.
I can already see some future actors.  This is Herb the Gardener.

Some wonderful parents have been putting in several hours creating our beautiful backdrop.

The backdrop was assembled in an empty classroom and later put up on the stage for painting details.

Each child painted a HUGE flower head.  We added a stem, leaves with handprints and the roots that are the children's feet.
We also measured each child to see how we have grown this year!

More fun with the weeds and learning how to perform on a stage.

Jazmin and Zyanya doing their lines in the play.

Herb, the gardener, getting some advice from Grace.  I am noticing how well everyone else
is standing and listening! Yea! We are making progress.

Oh, my camera battery died right in the middle of practice.  Just wanted
to share with you how hard we are working and how excited we are
about our upcoming program.  We will try on costumes next week.
Our classroom is buzzing with excitement.


  1. Oh my goodness, how cute is that! The backdrop is great but the performers are precious. I love the flowers...I think I see my classroom wall at the end of the year! Thanks for the inspiration. We do an end of the year program and I'd really like to find something new to do. Is the script something you guys created or borrowed or what?


  2. Just found your blog and I just LOVE the giant flowers! I am your newest follower! Hop on over to check out mine when you get a chance! Happy blogging!