When I introduce letters in the classroom, I use the sky, fence and ground to explain how to form the letters correctly on the lines.  In the photo, I said start at the sky and go down to the ground.  Go back and across at the sky.  For lowercase t, start at the sky and go to the ground, cross at the fence.

Stages of Writing Development and the Writing Process

  • Children learn to write by writing.
  • My goal in writing is to have children develop a personal voice.
  • I want children to become comfortable with writing.
  • I will demonstrate the writing process through modeled writing and mini lessons.
  • The children and I will do interactive writing by sharing the pen and working collaboratively.
  • We will write several times a week.  The initial focus is on meaning.  I will continue to model the standards and students will begin correct spelling by learning sight words.
We will work toward the following goals:
  1. Writing sentences that make sense and pictures that match the story.
  2. Using neat printing and correct letter formation.
  3. Using spacing between words.
  4. Using a capital at the beginning of the sentence.
  5. Writing sight words that are spelled correctly.
  6. Writing more that one complete sentence on one topic.