How Can I Help My Child with Reading

The beginning reader needs to practice these concepts and skills:

1. Concepts of Print
a. Find the front and back of a book
b. Show me the title and title page
c. Where do you begin on a page
d. Which direction do you read and where do you go when you get to the end of a line
e. Find a word, find a space between words
f. Can you match one-to-one with teh words you are reading (touch with your finger)

2. Phonics
Recognizing all the capital and lowercase letters and learning the sounds that the letters make. I'll send home flashcards in the sequence I teach the letters and sounds.

3. Reading at Home
When your child is reading at home, and comes to a word they don't know you can ask these questions:
a. What letter/sound does it start with?
b. Can you sound out the word?
c. What word makes sense?
d. You can use the list of strategies called "Stuck on a Word?"

4.  Sight Words from HM and CCSS

I  like  the  and  see  we  a  come  me  with  you  what  are  now  is  of  so  how  where  many  find  from  but  this  came  on  will  into  your  be  that  who   go  here  soon  for  they  up  make  them  give play  say  new  said  was  then  good  ate  could  she  over  her  all  when  some  he  away  must  no  by  there  do  went  only  down  little  just  have  one  every  help  ask  walk  look  very  their  out  saw  put  off  our  day  take  too  show