Friday, April 19, 2013

Here a chick, There a chick, Everywhere a chick chick

It was a VERY exciting week in kindergarten!!! Our first chicks hatched on Monday.

They are in a box with a light to keep them warm.  We have 8 chicks out of 12 eggs!

So thrilled to finally get to hold a chick.  Hannah Snodgrass, a former student, helped the kids learn how to hold the chicks.

Happy day!

Dr. Amy Snodgrass is trying to help our little chick with bad legs.   We are keeping our fingers crossed.

Love seeing the wonderful stories in our homework journals this week.  Look at those cute feathers.  Nice job Chloe!

Great pictures and terrific story Rachel.

Great job Jake! I'm proud of you!

Learning about what was happening in those eggs for 21 days!

Our cute chicks!