Sunday, March 30, 2014

Frogs and Toads

We started our unit on Amphibians this week.  We are having so much fun.  We will continue with Reptiles next week.

Frog facts on the tummy.

Tree map about frogs and toads.

Writing in our Frog and Toad burrito project.

Toad writing
Toad tree map.  This was interesting.  The children had to think of facts that were true only to the toad and not the frog.  We couldn't include facts that were used on the frog and toad map. Stretching our thinking.


Completed frog and toad burritos.

Venn diagram with facts about frogs and toads.

Fact or Opinion sorting from Deanna Jump's Frog unit.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Community Helper Week : Visit from the Firefighters

We had a special visit today!  Thank you to the Redlands Fire Department!
It was fun to have time just for our class to ask questions and see the truck and firemen.




Keegan D.




Keegan D.





Sunday, March 2, 2014

Community Helper - Officer Chris Mead

I hope you enjoyed our special TLC Community Helper books.  Thanks to Kristen Dean for preparing all the projects.

Thanks to Steve Crane for arranging a visit from Officer Chris Mead.  We have several students that want to be police officers.
Officer Chris Mead from the Redlands Police Department.  He read a story about life in the day of a police officer.

Pajama day and a police car on our playground.

You don't want to ride in this part of the car.

Officer Mead and future Officer Crane.

Community Helper - Dr.Cassie Ver Steeg

We had a delightful time listening to Dr. Ver Steeg tell us about her job as a pediatrician.
She even listened to everyone's heart, or did a reflex test with the little hammer.  She promised not
to give anyone a shot.  We are working on learning how to ask questions.
Thank you Cassie!!
Reading about the life of a doctor.

Yikes, a shot!

Keegan D. and Nolan



Thanks Keegan, for sharing your Mom with us!

Valentine's Day

We had a wonderful time, thanks to all of our parent volunteers.

 I had to sneak a picture of my 8 month old grandaughter, Harper into the post!