Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow? Costumes!

We were bursting with excitement today!  It was time to try on our costumes.
Carrick the Eggplant

Maleah the Queen Cabbage

Belicia the Bee

Mya the Ladybug

Audrina the Dragonfly

Jessie the Butterfly

Sofia M. the Peapod

Maggie the Pumpkin

Enzo the Tomato

Emily the Flower

Cadence the Flower

Ella the Flower

Leilani the Flower

Lilly the Flower

Romi the Gardeners wife - Rosemary

Rhys the Flower
Alyssa the Scarecrow

Sofia S. the Bunny

Cora the Bunny

Jayden the Bunny

Keegan D. the Crow

Blake the Weed

Nolan the Weed

Federico  the Weed

Ethan the Weed

Gael the Weed

Keegan V. the Groundhog

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