Saturday, September 15, 2012

Apple Week

We had a busy week studying about apples and Johnny Appleseed.

We started with a graph from Shannon Martin's kinder-pond blog.

We are finishing our unit in math on patterns, so it was great to find many resources.
This is also from Shannon Martin and Kindergarten Hoppenings.

Painting with pencil erasers.

We did a pocket chart activity and this follow up lesson on sorting letters and words.

Love this darling poem from Deanna Jump and the TLC like art.

Patterning book from Fran Kramer.

Kids loved this chip activity finding letters.

Another great math activity from Shannon Martin's apple unit.

Our September quilt squares. 

Activity to go along with the book, Seasons of Arnold's Apple Tree.

On Johnny Appleseed day, we tasted different kinds of apples and wrote a chart story.
I'm hoping we'll have fall weather soon!  I'm heading to Oak Glen to pick some apples.

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