Monday, April 30, 2012

Amphibians and Reptiles

    One of my favorite units to teach is amphibians and reptiles.  I have about a zillion frog books!  I start the unit with stories and songs from a science program called Come with Me Science.  We listen to details about the animal and then sing a song about the animal.  After that lesson, we watch a 15 minute program on each animal called Up Close and Natural.  This gives us live animals to see and watch in their habitat.  We have done several art projects and writing.  Here are a few pictures:
TLC frogs with Kaye Espinosa! So cute!

We all love the stories and lessons that Kaye does in our class each week.

Our venn diagram about frogs and toads! Our fun paper plate amphibians.

Snake day!  We made these snakes and wrote stories from our tree map.  Kailey, Joe's aide, called her friend Andrew and he brought a snake to our classroom.  The kids were surprised and very quiet!!!

These are the pictures we put up as we listen to the Come with Me Science snake lesson.

Our froggies with stories on their tummies.

Slithery Snake song from Come with me Science. 
We have learned about lizards and turtles.  We'll talk about crocodiles and alligators later this week.

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