Thursday, February 9, 2012

Yappy Hour, Abe and Valentines!

Yappy Hour! Not school related, but I was so excited to share my fun afternoon.
I have two Cavaliers and we went to a party with all the local Cavaliers! There were eight doggies all together.
My daughter also has a Cavalier, she's standing next to me.

Kaye reading from Fran Kramer's Lincoln book!

Pictures of Abe!

Love to see the kids so engaged.

Here's the project of the day: Abe Lincoln.

Our new aide Kailey Gillotti.  Joe and all the kids adore her.

Abe's beard

It is so fun to see how different they are and how well they listened and followed directions.

We also drew Abe for our story writing.

February Quilt: Handprint hearts and flags.

Our bags are ready for Valentine cards.

Write Up a Storm.  We added "sparkle" words, or  adjectives to our sentences today!

This is our art project for our second semester Kindergarten artist : George Seurat.

One last doggie picture! Molly and Cooper!

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    I love this Abe project!