Friday, December 9, 2011

Gingerbread Man Week

We had so much fun this week.  We read six different versions of the Gingerbread man and compared them.  We had many gingerbread centers.  We decorated clay gingerbread men for our tree ornaments.  Finally, on Friday, we went on a hunt for the cookies we made in class that ran away.
This is our chart comparing the different Gingerbread man stories.

Getting ready to go on the Gingerbread Man hunt

Grandma Sholes helping us decorate our clay gingerbread men ornaments

Joe, Anne and Vicki working in the classroom

Mrs. Herman helping with us decorate gingerbread men ornaments

Reading with Aidan, Ciella and Kameron

Keira's hunt for words in our classroom

Mrs. Walker helping us make gingerbread men cookies

Celso's Mom (Catherine) and Kameron's Dad (Tim) helped us make gingerbread cookies

Math centers and ordering numbers 0-20

Math centers with sets to 10 and math talk

Math centers ordering numbers from 1-20 and matching sets of animals

Math centers - Find the missing number

Gingerbread hunt - Lori reading us our clue from the office

Parent volunteer reading a clue in the library

Cafeteria manager reading our next clue in the cafeteria

We found the gingerbread men in our classroom

Later Gators on the gingerbread man hunt

Later Gators in Mr.B's office for the next clue.
It was a fun and exciting day.

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