Friday, September 2, 2011

News in K-1 Kindergarten

Welcome to our new students!

Ciella on the left and
Desiree below.

They joined our Later Gator class.

We have had a busy and fun week!  We had a successful trip to the computer lab.  Hilary's Nana and Milanni's Mom helped us log onto the Reading eggs program.
Everyone was working on their reading egg map after 10 minutes of being in the lab.  I'm anxious to see how this program will help with our progress in language arts and reading.

We celebrated the June, July, August and September birthdays on Friday.  Happy "School" Birthday to
Tyler, Joe, Chloe, Roger, Jazmin and Carey!  We had yummy cupcakes, juice, pretzels and cheese cubes!
Dean's mom came to the party and twisted balloon animals for the birthday children.  Everyone was excited about the treat bags!

A big thanks to our parent volunteers!  We were able to do many center activities and projects this week.  A special grandma, and retired kindergarten teacher, is coming once a week to do an art lesson with the children.  We have started our Nursery Rhyme book.  This week we made Humpty Dumpty.  I love that these lessons teach the children to listen and follow directions.  Each child has their own unique project and is proud of what they accomplish.

Matthew's Mom and Austin's Dad were digging and preparing our garden last weekend in the heat.  We will be planting a fall garden soon.  It is fun to see the excitement of growing plants through the eyes of a kindergartener. 

Have a wonderful weekend!  Picture day is Tuesday, September 6th! 

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